Maximising Online Presence for your Personal Training Business

Maximising Online Presence for your Personal Training Business

The Internet has empowered the common man in a way that nothing else has. Accessing info, finding businesses, gauging their credibility and commenting on their service, is now just a click away. In such a scenario, it is obvious that no business can afford to remain invisible on the web. As a personal trainer, it is imperative for you to have a vibrant online presence for your personal training business if you want to build a strong reputation and stay ahead in the competition.

There are over 2 billion internet users all over the world, and the internet contributes to a considerable share in the economies of countries worldwide. The UK, for example shows the greatest percentage of online transactions with 13% of all purchases having been carried out online and the figure is estimated to rise to 23% by 2016. Going by these statistics, you can well imagine the importance of staying abreast of all the latest social media trends that will generate a positive image of your business and reflect the values it represents.

If you’re still new to the concept of social media, we present below some valuable tips to help you maximise your online presence as a personal trainer that would slowly but surely impact your personal training business and fetch you a steady growth in clientele.

Have a website that is self-hosted: Although it is easier for small businesses to begin by using hosted blog sites, it is better for you to have your own domain name if you want to be accessed by search engines. Ranking high on search engines requires time and consistent efforts so it’s just as well that you work towards that aim from the day that your website goes live on the net.

Optimise your site: You may have to do a bit of reading about SEO and how to optimise your site so that it gets a good rank on search engines. One of the most crucial factors is to ensure that the most commonly used search terms for your business, or what are known as keywords, figure prominently on your site and within its pages and blog posts. For example – for your personal training business, you must ensure that “personal training” and all related words like personal trainer, fitness etc figure uniformly all throughout your site.

Create a profile on social networking sites and other platforms like linkedin, Youtube to promote your personal training business. Keep abreast of the latest features that these sites keep upgrading to so that you can maximise your engagement and reach with your target audience. Sharing images, blog posts, videos on facebook and twitter is the best way to maintain readers’ interest and add new fan following.

Produce quality content: Content is the most powerful tool you can use to drive more and more viewers to your site. Search engines rate a site higher if they regularly post fresh, interesting and original content as this becomes a yardstick of how relevant and popular a website is with the audience.

Engage with your clients and fans: Use your online presence to add a personal touch to your interactions and not being just an indifferent, passive entity on the internet. Try and get the pulse of what interests the audience to ask the right questions that would elicit a response from them. Make sure you reply to every comment/message, even if it happens to be a negative one. Project an impression of being a reliable, customer friendly and approachable business that the audience feel they can connect with.

Encouraging comments and feedback: One of the ways to do this is to use your content to participate in online discussions and increase your online visibility by adding a link to your blog posts. This not only fetches those vital backlinks to your site but also gives you an opportunity to leave a mark where relevant discussions are happening. Another way to look into this is to request for feedback from your loyal clientele which can become strong proof of your quality and sway the opinion of prospective clients in your favour.

Manage your reputation: Despite all your efforts at building a great online reputation, there will always be that occasional negative comment written about you that you can do nothing to prevent. The best way to deal with these is to reply to them by saying that you will do your best to redress whatever problem the client might have experienced and express your regret by offering some compensation. This conveys to the others that you care for public opinion and are willing to take steps to correct flaws and improve your service. Always keep track and monitor carefully what is being spoken about your brand directly and indirectly to keep a tight control on your online reputation.

Go Mobile: It has been estimated that by 2016, approximately 80% of internet users will use their mobiles to access the web. So to be in tune with the times, you need to make sure that you optimise your business website for better visibility on the mobile phone.

Explore current trends: Get to know the current tools and apps that are accessible to visitors outside of your fan following. For example there are apps that help people track their diet and exercise and where they can leave questions to be answered by professionals. Getting a few of your expert personal training tips and advice on such sites would enhance the credibility of your business.

Social media is an unending process and also something that may take some time before it begins to show any results. You need to be consistent with your efforts at sustaining and boosting online presence for your business. It may take several tweets and hundreds of likes to build a strong reputation on the web but the dividends that it pays are worth every bit of the effort and more!

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