How do I Become a Personal Trainer

How do I Become a Personal Trainer?

The question ‘ how do I become a personal trainer? ‘ is one that’s always on the mind of many a fitness enthusiast as they dream of turning their passion into a full-fledged and rewarding career. We present here all relevant information about how to become a personal trainer – the eligibility criteria, the qualifications needed, and all other pertinent points you need to keep in mind.

Job profile of a personal trainer

Before elaborating on the training and certification required being a personal trainer, here is a brief insight into personal training as a profession. The main job of a personal trainer involves preparing customised workout plans for their clients based on their objectives, their current health and a few other factors like gender, lifestyle and age. Along with guiding their clients on the correct exercise techniques, personal trainers also impart valuable nutritional advice to enable an all-round perspective to health and fitness and optimise their workout gains. This role is a complex one which requires personal trainers to develop a comfortable rapport with their clients in order to be able to interact with them freely and gain their trust and confidence. It would therefore certainly help to have an extrovert personality or try to develop your communication skills which would make you a more people’s person.

How do I become a personal trainer?

Know the awarding bodies that control personal trainer certifications

The first step towards becoming a personal trainer is to get certified. In the UK there are government recognised awarding bodies that control personal trainer qualifications. These bodies include CYQ (Central YMCA qualifications) OCR, Active IQ and City and Guilds, among which CYQ is considered to be the most reputed. These bodies assess the training standards of the training providers and award their seal of approval only to those that conform to the highest levels of knowledge and expertise. You must ensure that you choose to do a course at an institute that has been accredited by the awarding bodies mentioned above.

You could do this by referring to the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) to check if the course and the training provider you have chosen figure in the list of recognised list of providers. This register maintains  record of all recognised training providers who have been officially acknowledged to meet the stipulated benchmarks for qualifications and competence. On completion of your training, it is absolutely essential for your name to show in the REPs register without which it is hard to leverage any good employment opportunities.

The entry level qualification

Before being able to progress to the Level 3 certification that authorises you to work as a personal trainer, you need to complete the Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification. This does not require you to have any prior experience in the fitness industry, making it the very first step in your journey towards becoming a personal trainer.

The syllabus structure at the Level 2 Gym Instructor course

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise
  • Health, Safety And Welfare in a Fitness Environment
  • Principles of Exercise Fitness and Health
  • Know how to Support Clients who take part in Exercise and Physical activity
  • Planning Gym based Exercise
  • Instructing Gym-Based Exercise

Level 3 Certificate in Personal training

Clearing the Level 2 Gym Instructor exams gets you eligible to proceed to the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications and also to enrol for CPDs and other courses.

The Level 3 Personal Trainer certification is the basic qualification that entitles you to practise as a personal trainer. This can be a stand alone course but it is also possible to combine the Level 2 and Level 3 courses into a single six week Diploma course.

The syllabus structure at the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise
  • Fitness Testing – including Postural Analysis, Health Assessments, Body Composition, Cardiovascular Fitness and Muscular Fitness
  • Client Consultation
  • Programme Design and Periodisation
  • Motor Skills Training
  • Core Stability Workshop
  • Advanced Training Techniques
  • Applying the Principles of Nutrition
  • Delivering Personal Training

Clearing the Level 3 Personal Trainer examinations marks the beginning of your career as a qualified personal trainer. You also have the option of doing more specialised courses that can add value to your certification and enhance your earning potential.

Train with the best to be the best!

So go ahead…take that first step towards a deeply satisfying and enriching career that can give you everything you dreamt of – fulfilment, expertise, a great income and the chance to live life on your own terms. Train with Love Fitness Education for the best learning experience from tutors who are the industry experts and capitalise on their in-depth fitness knowledge to lay a solid foundation that will get your personal training career off to a flying start. You can view our latest course price & date list here

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