Top Fitness Trends for 2013

Top Fitness Trends for 2013

As we wait for spring to bring in some much needed warmth and cheer and motivate us once more to tread the fitness path, we bring you the top fitness trends of 2013. Check out the fitness flavour of 2013 and be in tune with the pulse of the season.

Group Style Personal training:
There’s nothing better than having your own personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals but it’s often the budget constraints that force people to postpone/put off their fitness plans. The latest trends show more and more people opting for group training where 2-4 individuals with similar fitness goals train together under a common personal trainer, sharing the expenses between themselves. This proves friendly on the pockets along with giving all the benefits of customised personal training.

Shorter High Intensity Sessions:
With busy work schedules and other family commitments taking up most of the day, we are hardly left with any time to spend on exercise. This is probably why we see so many gyms offering shorter, time saving, goal oriented classes that promise the desired results. Each session lasts only for half an hour and comprises working the muscles at the maximum possible level for the shortest time by incorporating strength and plyometrics.

Budget Gyms
There has been a very large growth in the so called budget gyms that offer little in terms of service but a very competitive price and good facilities. Will this bring problems to the middle of the road chain gyms if more go for price over service? It seems this is a growing trend and may offer some unique opportunities for fitness professionals to exploit if they build the right bridges.

Gluten Free Diets:
Usually it’s only the people with coeliac disease who restrict themselves to a diet devoid of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. There are more and more studies making it into the mainstream claiming that gluten causes headaches, digestive problems, fatigue and what is known as “brain fog”. Despite the fact that only a small percentage of the population actually suffer from gluten allergy, a growing group of people are adopting a gluten free diet as part of their regular practice. While there might be some truth to the gluten theory, it is in your best interests to seek a doctor’s advice whether or not it would be suitable for you to avoid foods containing gluten altogether.

Fitness training for Older Adults
As current demographic trends show a rise in the 50+ population, it is an obvious consequence that fitness clubs are creating customised, age appropriate fitness programmes for the older generation. As the need to keep fit never loses relevance, whatever is the age, this gives yet another opportunity for personal trainers to tap a potentially lucrative market.

Online Personal Training

Many switched on fitness professionals are adapting to the ever changing technological world and adapting their already established face to face business with developing effective and efficient online personal training services. This is not for the newly qualified Fitness Professional but more for those that have already streamlined their face to face business and are looking to expand. Skype, Smart phone picture and video recording, easy document and picture sharing all provide much more dynamic and easy to access ways of keeping tabs on clients and offers plenty of opportunity for remotely monitoring training programmes and offering nutritional advice if done the right way.

Fitness Aps
You can now self-monitor your own nutritional and physiological requirements thanks to the latest aps that keep track of your dietary habits, your activity levels and how well you sleep. This could help you add a bit of discipline to your life and keep you from committing too many fitness and nutritional indiscretions.


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