The Best Part of Being a Personal Trainer

The Best Part of Being a Personal Trainer

Latest Personal Training — 09 January 2013

Doing a job that you love is the biggest perk there can ever be! If you’re among those who are deeply and genuinely interested in fitness but are still in doubt about whether or not to make personal training your career, here are some of the best reasons why you should go ahead with your decision.  So read on to get a glimpse of how your life as a personal trainer could be – if you make the right choice now!

A dynamic working environment as opposed to the monotony of working in the same cramped spaces, staring into a computer screen all day long. You could be working anywhere –  at a large gym chain, at your local private gym, your own freelance company, an outdoor training company or even leading your own team of trainers. Like any new career or venture, you get out what you put in.

Lucrative profession: With the fitness industry continuing its upward graph despite the recession, the opportunities for personal trainers are good – both professionally and financially. Reputed personal trainers can earn as much as £120 an hour grossing up to £50 – £70k per annum. This however is the top of the industry, and the average salary sits between 20k and 30k. For further details about a realistic salary estimate for personal trainers, please click here

Be your own boss and enjoy flexible work hours: If you work hard within the first 6 months to a year, you can work towards launching your own personal training business and get to pick your working hours. You choose how many hours you want to work and thus are in complete control of your life and not answerable to anyone but yourself. Starting out, our advice is to work as many hours as you can, while building a business you need to be accessible and putting the hours in at the beginning is essential.

Immense sense of fulfilment and satisfaction: Little in this world compares to the high you feel from having helped clients achieve their fitness goals, from having played a role in improving their health and as a consequence – enriching their lives. To many personal trainers – this is the most rewarding factor of their profession – even above the money.

Keeping fit: Your job ensures that you maintain the highest levels of health and fitness and you don’t need to spend an extra penny or set aside time to achieve it. By staying in shape, you are giving yourself the gift of good health literally on a platter – a gift that is going to stand you in good stead for decades to come. Like an employee in a bar complains of drinking too much, a PT in gym has ample opportunity to fit sessions in between clients an keep in top form.

Meeting new people from varied walks of life: There’s never a dull moment being a personal trainer as you’re always interacting with new people – across different age groups, professions and backgrounds. The opportunity to mingle and build great professional relationships with such diverse clientele is what makes personal training such an exciting and enriching career. If you’re someone who loves being amidst people, you’ll find plenty of scope to build a network of contacts that could help further your business too.

No strict dress code to adhere to: You could entirely do away with having to maintain an expensive wardrobe of formal attire to wear to office. You could be in comfortable yet trendy sports gear and look every bit the expert fitness professional.

The perks are plenty and you will discover many more positives as you set forth on your journey as a successful personal trainer. If you would like more advice on choosing the right personal training course, please get in touch here. At LFE, we live and breath fitness.  We are very proud of our reputation as the industry experts and if you decide to learn with us,  you will soon learn why.

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