Personal Trainer Career Prospects

Personal Trainer Career Prospects

When it comes to personal trainer career prospects, the sky is the limit. Few job profiles have such diverse scope for employment as that of a personal trainer’s. From a regular personal trainer career job at a gym to having a personal training business, from a one on one to group training, and from working at plush resorts to swanky corporate gyms – the opportunities are infinite. Your career path would depend on your inclinations, ambition and level of experience. With the fitness industry projected to continue its growth at the same phenomenal rates over the next few decades, employment statistics predict an above average increase in job opportunities for personal trainers.

Job opportunities for personal trainers

The boom in the fitness industry has opened up a whole lot of new avenues for personal trainers besides the conventional gym setting. Once you have added a few years of experience, if you wish to do something different and exciting, you could opt for the more unconventional personal trainer jobs far removed from the routine grind of city life.

Following are some great job options for personal trainers:-

Corporate Offices: Many large companies have added fitness centres in their premises to provide the best fitness facilities to their employees. This is in keeping with the notion that healthy and fit employees are happier and more productive which is why having a well-equipped gym works out to be mutually beneficial to both,- employees and companies alike. Therefore corporate offices would be the ideal places to look for personal trainer jobs, especially as they pay really well.

Resorts and Luxury Hotels: All high end hotels today either boast of their own sophisticated fitness centres or have some famous gym chains operate from their premises. If you are hired by them as a personal trainer, your room, meals and travel expenses will be paid for. You will get to interact with affluent, distinguished clients which will prove extremely rewarding financially. If you love to travel and work at unique locales, this could be the job for you.

Elite and Exclusive Apartment Blocks: All high end apartment blocks would most certainly have a fitness centre. It would be a good idea to check with the management if they require the services of a personal trainer and request if you can post a flier on their notice board. Getting even one client would do the trick and spread your word around, bringing many new customers your way.

Fitness Retreats: Something on the lines of fitness vacations, this new trend is fast gaining popularity. The clients are people who have paid to holiday in a remote spot, escorted by personal trainers and other guides who organise several activities to keep them engaged and interested. These retreats are usually situated at picturesque locations and would therefore make for a good employment option for those who love the outdoors. If employed as a personal trainer at such fitness retreats, your travel, accommodation and meals would be paid for and you would get an opportunity to train clients coming from diverse walks of life.

Country Clubs: The kind of clientele you would expect to find at country clubs are those who are well to do and are probably into their late middle age. They are highly health conscious and keen to get into shape so that they can keep all age related ailments at bay. This could also make for a great opportunity for a job as personal trainer.

Cruise Ships: Being employed on a cruise liner is surely one of the most glamorous career options for a personal trainer. You could search on the internet for employment possibilities on cruise ships, but here again you need to bear in mind that you are paid only in the form of accommodation, meals and the cost of the cruise itself. How much you earn depends on the type of cruise and clientele on it.

Recreation Centers: These are found abundantly in college campuses and even in small towns. They offer freelance personal trainer jobs where you can fix your fee and decide your preferred timings. A stint as a freelance personal trainer at a “rec center” could add to your experience if you are just beginning your career as a personal trainer or could be like a supplement to your regular income.

Gyms & Private Studios: This is the most obvious and often the very first career choice of personal trainers who are new to the profession. With a good physique and personality, along with the desired qualifications, most personal trainers would not find it difficult to be employed at gyms. Although a job at a gym sounds too mundane compared to the more exciting options listed above, it remains as the best starting point for personal trainers who have just begun their careers in this field. It gives valuable insights into the nuances of the job and adds immensely to your professional competence.

Once you have sufficient experience, you could even think about setting up your own business venture in the fitness industry. By adopting the correct marketing techniques and with proper planning and strategy, you would soon have a flourishing business as a personal trainer.

So if you have the passion, energy and drive to succeed, there is a plethora of exciting job opportunities for personal trainers to choose from. It is a very competitive industry, but one where innovation and determination of those willing to take a chance can pay off dividends with an exciting and rewarding career.

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