Why book with Love Fitness Education

Why Train with Us?

At Love Fitness Education we understand that choosing a training provider that is right for you can be difficult as there are many options available in todays’ competitive market. When making a start in a new career, it is important that you choose a course that gives you the best possible training to ensure you are prepared for life in the fitness industry. So why choose us?

  • Our tutors are the best in the industry. We call ourselves the Industry Experts and we mean it. All tutors are highly qualified, motivated and passionate teachers who love to educate. Have a look at our tutors profile section to find out more.
  • We are a single site operator meaning all of our efforts and resources go on one course, at one venue at any one time.
  • Our class numbers guarantee a tutor ratio of 10 to 1, meaning you have 2 tutors to help maximise your learning if class numbers are above 10 students.
  • We recognise the importance in assisting our graduates in achieving a working role that suits them and we have established working relationships with many large and small UK gym operators to ensure our students receive guaranteed interviews upon completion of the course providing they achieve the required qualifications.
  • You will receive full gym membership during your course at our Central London venue, including weekends which will ensure ample time to practice and prepare for examinations.
  • Our venue is located in Central London with easy access to public transport.
  • Our course prices are of the most competitive in the industry and offer the best value for money available for the level of qualifications received.

Certification and Accreditation

When you train with Love Fitness Education you can be confident that your qualifications are the best available in the industry. We pride ourselves on our credibility and take pride in the high standard of delivery we achieve throughout our range of qualifications.

  • We run Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) approved courses which are recognised by Skills Active.
  • Our courses are Internationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Our courses are recognised by the Register of Exercise professionals (REPs)