Kettlebell Course in London

Course Overview

This 12 hour REPs accredited CPD is designed to provide students with the fundamental principles needed to instruct, deliver and design safe and effective Kettlebell Programmes. Designed and delivered by some of the top Kettlebell experts in the country, this CPD is sure to give a market leading edge to any up and coming Personal Trainer.

Course Content

  • The Structure of the Kettlebell
  • The History of the Kettlebell
  • The Benefits of using Kettlebells
  • The Scientific Rationale for using Kettlebells
  • Programming considerations for training with Kettlebells
  • Practical techniques of key dynamic movement preparation and mobility exercises
  • Demonstrate the practical techniques of the 8 key exercises and their variations
    • The Squat
    • The Swing
    • The Clean
    • The Snatch
    • One Arm Row
    • Overhead Press
    • The Windmill
    • The Turkish Get Up
  • Discuss the importance of effective coaching techniques
  • Discuss the Contraindications for using Kettlebells

Entry Requirements

A Gym Instructor or suitable Level 2 equivalent qualification is required. You must be at least 16 years of age, having a moderate level of fitness and have a reasonable level of reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Course Structure

The course is delivered over approximately 12 hours with an additional assessment hour needed.

  • Course is delivered Full Time over 2 days with a separate assessment date
  • Day 1 – 9am to 4.30pm
  • Day 2 – 9am to 1.30pm
  • For course dates and prices visit Course Price List/Dates
  • Venue is located in Central London
  • To reserve your place call 02074584130 or e-mail us on


  • Practical Examination
  • Programme Design Case Study