Our Partners

Working in London’s Fitness Industry

It is only natural to consider employment opportunities within the fitness industry upon completion of your qualification. The fitness industry has grown for its tenth consecutive year in 2011 and is currently valued at £3.8 Billion. There are approximately 9,218 job opportunities available each year in the UK fitness industry so employment opportunities are very high but the key is in understanding the best progression routes and also the key attributes employers are looking for within a prospective employee. This is where Love Fitness Education is invaluable to your education. We call ourselves the Industry Experts because we know what the industry needs, what the employers want and how to get the most from our students. We produce well educated, well equipped and motivated trainers who can achieve great things in the industry if they have the drive and passion to do so.

Guaranteed Interviews

You may have heard other training providers make claims of guaranteed interviews upon completion of a course and this is a marketing tool utilised by many providers in the UK. The truth is that getting an interview in the fitness industry is a relatively easy process. The difficult part is getting the job. At LFE, this is where we put our focus, we have partnerships with a variety of Employers within the Fitness Industry but setting up a guaranteed interview does not mean securing employment. That is why we have teamed up with the leading Social Media Marketing Company in the UK – eSocial Media to produce the first Social Media Business and Marketing course in the UK specifically designed for Personal Trainers. There can be no doubt that Social Media has grown exponentially as a key marketing and communication medium in recent years.  This course will provide you with the skills necessary to utilise these social media mediums including Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Web Blogging, Digg, You Tube and various other methods to market your Personal Training business and design a clear marketing strategy.

Interview Preparation

The key element that differentiates us from other training providers is the emphasis we put on preparation for a working role in the industry. We are committed to providing our students guidance through each stage of the employment process from application to interview. We run comprehensive interview skills and CV preparation workshops in preparation for the interview process. We have made partnerships with a variety of gym chains and employers to ensure our graduates receive interview options once they complete our course.

Our Partners

We have teamed up with various other London based industry leading professionals to ensure that our courses provide our students with a diverse skill set to ensure longevity within the fitness industry. Our partners in fitness and health include CYQ, eSocial Media, The Perfect Smile, The Fitness Collective, REPs and The 52 Club.

One of our main Gym Operator partner are Nuffield Health and we operate a direct interview process with Nuffield for our graduates looking to work with them within the Inner City and Greater London Area. We are also linked to many other large and small gym chain operators throughout the UK and abroad.