Course name : Corrective Exercise Strategies

Course price : £350

This course is not available for the time being. We will resume shortly. if you have any enquiries, please fill the form.

Course Description





Course Overview

Corrective Exercise Strategies is the second CPD in the CORE 4 series of courses. The importance of being able to understand and identify muscle imbalance and movement dysfunction precedes the need to be able to develop clear corrective exercise strategies to rectify these issues. The time constraints of Personal Training sessions mean that being able to maximise the effectiveness of each session is essential. What sets the LFE Corrective Exercise Strategies apart from other similar CPDs is the level of integration of these strategies into the programming of PT sessions.

This 16 Hour CPD will provide you with proven strategies to be able to correct muscle imbalance and movement dysfunction with a wide variety of postural and movement dysfunctions.

Course Content

  • Science of Stretching, Mobilisation, Activation & Motor Control
  • Ankle, Knee, Hip, Thoracic Spine and Shoulder Protocols
  • Integrating Corrective Exercise Strategies into PT Sessions

Entry Requirements/Pre Requisites

Due to the advanced content on the course, candidates must hold a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training or UK recognised equivalent. It is imperative that candidates have an understanding of movement screens and movement screen protocols and muscle testing prior to undertaking this course. We recommend having attended the first CPD in our CORE 4 series – Movement Screening and Muscle Imbalance, but sufficient prior learning and ability to demonstrate understanding of these screens is sufficient.

Course Structure

This 16 Hour CPD is delivered over 2 consecutive days, each consisting of 8 hours of scientific rationale and practical teaching of Corrective Exercise Strategies. The course is largely practical and candidates should be prepared to partake in practical work each day.

Progression Opportunity

The CORE 4 series of CPD’s has been specifically designed by LFE to allow a for a clear progression for fitness professionals looking to enhance their skills as movement specialists and strength and conditioning coaches. The progression route is detailed below and each course compliments the next in the series.