Part Time Personal Training Courses in London

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Do you have a desire to train as a Personal Trainer but want to do so without leaving your current job? Then Part Time education is the right way to go. You will be able to develop all of the necessary skills and qualifications needed to work as a PT while having the financial security of your current 9-5 job. As a single-site company with small classroom numbers we can offer you a highly personalised experience. When you contact us you will be dealing with a member of staff who themselves have had extensive experience as a fitness professional and therefore we can offer useful advice from first contact. You have a lot of decisions to make on how to get started, read on and see if we can help.

Price – £2670 (Early Bird discounts available)

Full Time –  11 weekends Face to Face (One every Fortnight)

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Benefits of Joining Love Fitness Education

Additional to the CYQ certifications we have added on a bolt-on Kettlebell module that we believe will enrich your skillset to become the best Personal Trainer around. We also ensure that the course is delivered to you by some of our most experienced and highly qualified tutors. By joining us you can gain the following benefits:

—– Pay in full or in instalments at 0% interest
—– Early Bird discounts available
—– Pay via a career development loan or through enhanced learning credit scheme
—– Full colour manuals and student workbooks with free organiser folders
—– Access to a high quality online E-Learning platform (part time only)
—– Tutor support online via email or Skype
—– Guidance in finding work from tutors with first-hand experience
—– Continued student support after the course has been completed

Course Overview

We have experience in working with students from all walks of life and specialise in giving you the best possible start in the fitness industry. For this we offer our Advanced Diploma in Personal Training which is competitively priced and enables you to meet the industry standards recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals. The course includes:

1. Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
2. Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
3. Love Fitness Education Kettlebell Instructor CPD Course

If you are currently in full time work and wish to study over weekends then this part time option is for you. We run the part time Advanced Diploma one weekend every fortnight for approximately 5 months. It will total 17 days of face to face learning with your tutor and includes assessments.

On the contact weekends you will be taught the practical elements of the course by your tutor and you will be required to study the theoretical components in your free time outside of course hours which will allow you the benefit to study at your own pace.

As a part time student you will receive the following support:

1. Access to a high quality online E-Learning platform complete with diagrams and quizzes
2. Full colour course manuals complete with diagrams and key learning points
3. A free organiser file to contain your workbooks, course work and revision worksheets
4. Support from your tutor by phone, email or Skype

Course Content

Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing

This is our entry level qualification and is mandatory to complete before progressing on to study Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. With this qualification alone you can apply for work as a gym instructor which is a great way to start in the industry. Click the link for more information on our Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing qualification.

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

During this part of the course we will focus you on the end goal of becoming a Personal Trainer. The information becomes more advanced from Level 2 and is the time when the tutor can show you all of the most advanced and up to date methods of training. Click the link for some more information on our Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training qualification.

Love Fitness Education Certificate in Kettlebell Instruction

We have included a 12 hour Kettlebell course for two reasons;

1. They are an incredible body conditioning tool and an effective piece of equipment to use for yourself and for your clients.
2. Kettlebells are a method of training that can be used inside and outside of a gym environment. All that is needed is a small space to work in so therefore training can take place in a busy gym, in the home or in a public park.

Click here for more information on our Kettlebell course.


Throughout the course you will be required to complete both practical and theoretical assessments on the following modules:

Assessments will take place within the 17 contact days. You will be required to complete both practical and theoretical assessments on the following modules:

1. Level 2 Gym Instructor
2. Level 3 Personal Trainer
3. Kettlebell Instructor

During the entire course you will be primed for these assessments however if you do not succeed the first time you can re take the assessment free of charge.

If you refer any of the assessments for the 2nd time then you will be asked to pay a fee for your 3rd try:

—– Theoretical – £25
—– Practical – £50

Entry Qualifications

This Advanced Diploma in Personal Training can be undertaken without having any previous fitness related qualifications. We require passion, dedication and certainty as to how you want this course to influence your future career. You must be at least 16 years of age, having a moderate level of fitness and have a reasonable level of reading, writing and numeracy skills.


The price for this course is £2670 which includes the £250 deposit that is payable upon booking with us.


We offer a 10% Early Bird discount for those of you who book onto the course and pay the full amount at least a month in advance bringing the price down to £2403

We offer a 5% Early Bird discount for those of you who pay the full amount before the course begins bringing the price down to £2536

Payment Options

You have 2 options:

1. Pay the non-refundable £250 deposit and the remainder in full before the course begins (with the 10% or 5% discount)
2. Pay in installments as detailed below:

a. £250 deposit upon booking by 5 instalments of £484
b. The first instalment of £484 must be paid before the course begins
c. £484 must be paid on the 1st day of every month for 4 months

Payment Methods 

We accept the following payment methods:

1. Bank Transfer
2. Debit/credit card payments over the phone or via your booking form
3. Cheque hand-delivered to our venue upon arrangement
4. Cash hand-delivered to our venue upon arrangement
5. Application for a career development loan

What now?

Give us a call on 0207 458 4130 or contact us at to find out more, to request a booking form or to arrange a visit to our venue.