Course name : Movement Screening and Muscle Imbalance

Course price : £350

Course Description

Corrective Exercise Course





Course Overview

Are your clients limiting their results due to poor movement skills? Are they hindered by tightness, weakness or motor pattern dysfunctions? Movement Screening and Muscle Imbalance is the first CPD in the CORE 4 series and has been specifically designed by some of the UK’s leading Corrective Exercise Specialists and is exclusive to LFE. This 16 Hour CPD will provide you with clear methods to screening and understand how and why these movement dysfunctions and muscle imbalances occur.

Being able to identify muscle imbalance and movement dysfunction are some of the most essential skills required by Fitness professionals. All too often clients are unnecessarily performing repetitive movements week in, week out with a dysfunction or imbalance and unless you have the trained eye to see them, they can be very difficult to spot. Boost your knowledge and skills to deal with these dysfunctions, this innovative CPD will provide you with a systematic approach on how to identify key movement dysfunctions and understanding their drivers.

Course Content

  • Science of Muscle Imbalance and Movement Dysfunction
  • ROM and Manual Muscle Testing
  • Postural, Movement and Performance Screening Testing
  • How to Leverage Movement Screening to Boost PT Sales

Entry Requirements/Pre Requisites

Due to the advanced content on the course, candidates must hold a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training or UK recognised equivalent.

Course Structure

This 16 Hour CPD is delivered over 2 consecutive days, each consisting of 8 hours of scientific rationale and practical teaching of Movement Screening techniques and understanding of muscle imbalance. The course is largely practical and candidates should be prepared to partake in practical work each day.


Corrective Exercise

Progression Opportunity

The CORE 4 series of CPD’s has been specifically designed by LFE to allow a for a clear progression for fitness professionals looking to enhance their skills as movement specialists and strength and conditioning coaches. The progression route is detailed below and each course compliments the next in the series.