Becoming a Personal Trainer in London: Opportunities and Pitfalls

As a Personal Trainer only your ambition, imagination and passion define the scope of career opportunities and income potential. Whether you choose to freelance or work full time, Personal Training is a rewarding career option.

However, like any other career, Personal Training has its own share of challenges that you need to be prepared for. Weighing the pros against the cons will give you a good idea of what to expect from a career as a Personal Trainer.


What to expect when choosing Personal Training as a career

Passion for the Job v/s Long Hours

To succeed as a PT, you must have absolute passion and dedication for said field. Physical fitness in all its variations as well as a hunger to be the best in the industry form an integral part of the lives of Personal Trainers. When your own fitness levels are at an optimum, it lends you credibility as a PT and is also essential to what is physically a very demanding profession.

Personal Training requires consistent time and dedication as fitness goals are set to not only be achieved but also maintained. You cannot afford to be too lax with your schedule and diet as this might hamper your own performance and lower fitness levels. Moreover, your routine might have to be planned around your client and might be strenuous when the client in question has long working hours. Being a PT in a Health Club might mean more inflexible timings and long shifts, as most health clubs open around 6 am and close by 10 pm.  Your level of dedication will decide whether you will be able to integrate Personal Training successfully into your schedule.

Being a People Person v/s Being Sales Oriented  

As a PT, you will gain experience working with a variety of different personalities and situations. Regardless of their temperament or fitness levels, you work as a team to achieve your client’s fitness goals. The client- trainer relationship can be intense on a physical, mental and emotional level especially if you work at close quarters for extended periods of time. You must be professional throughout if you are to be taken seriously as a PT. Respecting personal space, maintaining client confidentiality are central to dealing successfully with clients.

In addition to people skills, you must have good business skills to succeed as a PT. Being able to market your skill and experience is vital to growing your client base. Part of being a good salesperson is your accessibility, so being approachable and genuine in your interaction with potential clients is a good idea.

PT Courses v/s On-the- Job training

Your PT course should serve the main purpose of increasing your earning potential and subsequently, your employability. Employers seek fitness professionals that have a range of qualifications and competencies. Many providers offer additional components to enhance the course, including specialist PT components like Kettlebells for example. It is important to know exactly what fitness related aspect you want to specialize in to maximize future earnings.

If you have the passion and can tackle the challenges, if you seek not only qualifications, but a career in Personal Training, train with us. You can view our latest course price & date list here

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