Is Personal Training the Career Change You’ve Been Looking For?

Do you often find yourself wishing you had a more exciting and invigorating job rather than a monotonous desk job? Are you fairly sure that you don’t get the physical exercise that your body requires in your current line of work? Personal Training just might be your answer to that much needed career change. But beware, despite the idealistic assumptions of PT as a career, it is not the remedy to all ailments and although many see a career in PT as a productive, out of the ordinary fulfilling career (of which it is if you get it right) it requires hard work and dedication in abundance.

People are becoming increasingly focused on pursuing physical fitness and the demand for personal trainers has never been higher. If you are up for the challenge and seek something out of the ordinary, here’s why you should enroll for Personal Training Courses in London and put yourself on the fast track to becoming a Personal Trainer.

Beat those Monday Work Blues!

Research shows that Personal Trainers are three times more likely than office workers to head to work happily on those ‘Blue Mondays’! In addition Personal Trainers are less stressed and are less likely to feel “stuck in a rut “as compared to office goers. This is unsurprising, given the dynamic environment that Personal Trainers can work in. If you feel like you’re spending far too many hours indoors at a work desk, a Personal Training job will be that much needed respite from a stifling office environment. The flexible hours you can work as a Personal Trainer are an added benefit.

Be Your Own Boss

There is a high degree of freedom and creativity that comes with being a Personal Trainer which can also be a negative element if you lack innovation and intuition. From planning customized exercise programs for clients, to extending your services to consultations and client referrals, you will enjoy the autonomy that comes with this career. As a Personal Trainer, you will be self employed and can dictate the hours and days you work.  Personal Trainers can also start their own company after building a loyal customer base so that they can tailor their services to best fit their client.

Work Flexibly

The flexibility of Personal Training enables you to integrate it into your life and career. For those who are looking at Personal Training as a part time option, this career switch can fit into your family and work life. This is perfect for young mothers or youth seeking a supplementary income.  Moreover, as your fitness levels improve, you will see the difference it makes to your performance at work.

Competitive Salary

Personal Trainers can earn excellent salaries depending on availability of work in the area, personal qualifications and competition from other trainers. The more you sell yourself, the more competitively you will earn. Qualifications from certified courses are vital as these will not only equip you for on the job work, but are also mandatory to land you a job with gyms and health clubs.  Trainers who choose to specialize can earn even more competitively.

Work with People

If you are passionate about fitness, like being in the company of people and think that you possess good teaching skills, then Personal Training is the career change you’ve been wanting. Personal Trainers can greatly impact clients lives by providing them with the information and support they need to meet their fitness goals. You get to be a part of a person’s journey to physical fitness, and that is emotionally equally rewarding for both trainer and client. This is a career where you leave a positive and lasting impression on everyone you work with.

It is a road less travelled and can be a bumpy one, but a rewarding one for definite. Are you right for the challenge?


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